Next chapter (?)

I started this blog with a post having the picture of me moving out of the first apartment I moved to in Seattle. My time in that apartment formed the foundation of what was to come next in my life. From that micro-apartment, I moved into what would be my first purchased property in the US & used that as motivation & fuel in pushing myself further.

Now the time has come again for me to pack bags, and set my compass to a new location — only this time my bags will be little heavier from when I first moved to the states with barely a luggage full.

I am moving to Southern California. Stay tuned as I share more updates.

Goals for 2020

It’s February but thought I’d write down some of my goals for 2020 and hold myself accountable.

  1. Complete degree.
  2. Increase proficiency with Machine learning / Deep learning.
  3. Gym – get in the best shape of my life.
  4. Secret Goal: code name. N.
  5. Skin – get great skin.
  6. Do something about my eye bags 😛
  7. Secret goal: Become SC.
  8. Read 5 books.


If I can hit all of these goals, that would be a fantastic year. Let’s get to work. I’m excited 🙂

Bringing back the blog

As some people would know, in the past I’ve had various online presence with varying degrees of success. Some were even sold, but that is for another story. I’m thinking I want to get back in the groove of publishing something here from time to time. Blogs I feel provide good canvas to express your ideas and creativity, without the need to chase for “likes”.

The picture above is a throwback from December 2017. It’s the last day in my 300 square ft. apartment I lived in grinded in for 3.5 years when I first moved to Seattle. Moda Apartments in Belltown. This is me moving out, on to much better tings. Dream big, hustle harder. More to come. Stay chuned. #nofilter